Subchapter M is here!.

We know Sub M and can confidently help your company to become Sub M-compliant. It took 12 years to get here and we used the time wisely. We are ready for Sub M and you will be too!


Tug & Barge Solutions has developed a Towing Safety Management System (TSMS) that meets all of the requirements of the ISM Code, The AWO RCP, and Sub M requirements.

The feedback that we hear about other systems is the lack of personal attention and one-size fits all approach of the other plans.

We take that to heart. The plan we help develop is yours and we will support you in every way to successfully implement it.


Ivy Marine, a two boat towing company in Mobile, AL has successfully passed their TSMS audit with Marine Compliance (a USCG-approved TPO) and is one of the first in the country to obtain their TSMS Certificate for Sub M.


Read about Leadership and Sub M in our latest article in the Marine News November 2017 Edition

Our staff comes from the towing industry.  Tug and Barge Solutions' principal partners have owned and worked for towing companies on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, inland waterways and Great Lakes bringing seven decades of towing and business experience to the company. 
Tug & Barge Solutions offers its services to towing vessel operators on the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts as well as on the inland waterway system and Great Lakes.

Tug & Barge Solutions’ focus on the entire corporate culture helps infuse safety and compliance into every facet of an organization as well as eliminate waste and increase efficiency and effectiveness which will translate into profitability and long-term growth.

We understand the pressures on a towing company and will work with you to help you achieve compliance and profitability.

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