Daphne, AL - September 26, 2017 - Ivy Marine, LLC, a two-towboat company out of Mobile, AL has become one of the first companies in the United States to obtain their TSMS Certificate. They are also the smallest company in the country to have obtained this certification.

“Ivy Marine partnered with Tug & Barge Solutions to develop a Towing Safety Management System (TSMS) that meets Subchapter M and the AWO RCP standard,” said Steve Wilson, Ivy Marine’s President.  “Tug & Barge Solutions affordably provides our management and crews with training, 24/7 support and that allowed us to successfully implement the TSMS while still maintaining focus on our core business.”

Ivy Marine, LLC also installed HelmCONNECT on its vessels which has helped them obtain their TSMS Certificate. “Before HelmCONNECT, we used a paper-based system for all of our required forms and reports on the boats. HelmCONNECT allowed us to increase efficiency across the business, streamlining functions like compliance, inventory management and preventive maintenance. An added benefit that was crucial to our success was the user-friendly interface that has made it easy for our crews to adapt to a paperless system. Tug & Barge Solutions built and implemented our HelmCONNECT package so we were able to switch over without any hassles,” said Patrick Boles, Ivy Marine’s CFO.

Marine Compliance, LLC (MARCOM) was selected by Ivy Marine as the Third Party Organization (TPO) based on their excellent reputation, extensive experience with the towing industry and great price for Sub M services.  “We were very impressed with their audit.  The auditors were knowledgeable, experienced and had an easy to work with attitude. The TSMS audit was very detailed, but working with the professional staff from MARCOM made for a great day,” said Pat Folan, Tug & Barge Solutions Vice President. The USCG from Sector Mobile was also present at the audit. “HelmCONNECT allowed us to keep the flow of the audit moving by giving us instant access to all required documents and records,” added Folan.

Tug & Barge Solutions provides a complete TSMS customized to their customers’ needs and most importantly manages the TSMS and all aspects of safety at the companies.  Monthly documentation audits, bi-annual vessel audits and annual surveys are all part of the TSMS package for companies.  Around the clock support is included. TSMS Certification is guaranteed.

Ivy Marine, LLC
Steve Wilson, President

Tug & Barge Solutions
Pat Folan, Vice President

Ivy Marine's next step is a COI on the first vessel. We are confident that this will be accomplished due to our rigorous audits and preparation. Our internal vessel audits look at close to 1,200 items and we hold all of our companies to the SIRE level so Ivy Marine's vessels are ready for the COI!

From l to r: Pat Folan (TBS), Donny Cranfill (MARCOM), Steve Wilson (Ivy), Erin Pugh (TBS), Marcus Carlucci (TBS), Patrick Boles (Ivy) and Ed Marrufo (MARCOM)

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