Subchapter M will change the towing industry, but we shouldn't wait until the last minute to begin changing our culture. Change isn't easy for any individual. In fact the odds against change are 9:1. And the change within our industry that Subchapter M brings cuts across all every part of your organization.

The change the Coast Guard has mandated is fundamentally safety-related and driven from a risk-based management system, but for your company it becomes more than that. It is also a business decision that must be driven from the top down with complete senior management buy-in. The men and women on deck will not help if they don't see that those above them believe in the program.

Tug and Barge Solutions can help you on both ends of the Subchapter M regulations. We can train and monitor compliance issues on your vessels and we can do the same for your office staff.

There is a lot of value for your company in committing to Quality as a goal in a very practical way. The focus is simple - to eliminate or reduce mistakes across your business. This focus on a Quality/Safety Management System will lead to

  • Safer vessels and consequently less down time and more stable insurance costs;
  • More efficient workers both ashore and afloat;
  • More inspired employees;
  • An instilled culture and attitude;
  • And a greater image in the marketplace and community.
Tug and Barge Solutions can help you begin the cultural shift within your organization or measure, monitor and continually improve the process that you have already set in motion within your company.
We all have opinions on Subchapter M but the best source of information is the USCG through the Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise. The site is also an excellent source of information for matters that the USCG deems important for our industry.

46 CFR Subchapter M

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