Your success is our goal and it all starts with training.

We have an onboarding process that trains your vessel and shoreside staff in their TSMS or Health & Safety Plan and HelmCONNECT system.

We accomplish this on the vessel and in your office with our dedicated staff of experts in all things Sub M and HelmCONNECT. Our support personnel have years of experience teaching people how to use the system regardess of their level of understanding - from green deckhands to seasoned employees.

Whether we spend an hour or a week we will be there to get everyone up and running and we won’t leave until we are satisfied that everyone understands the system.

Our system provides the initial and refresher training required by 46 CFR 140.515 and the training required by you to ensure that the vessels are operating safely.

We will also provide training for all audits, surveys and vettings.  We will prepare you for any eventuality.


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